Your Personalized You Me Necklace

This necklace comes with your two personalized pendants - we can put your exact handwriting on the pendants as well as little drawings.

Please follow these instructions so we can make your own oh so special necklace:

-After ordering please send us your wishes in your handwriting(please see sample) via mail to
-Please send us your wishes after placing your order, you can send us a photo of your handwriting or drawing. 
-Please also note down in your mail your order number
-Please note down the position of the pendants:

-1 for the pendant in the front
-2 for the pendant in the back

We can also write your names in our #toodreamy handwriting and assist you with the engraving <3 

24K Gold plated Sterling Silver
necklace: Sterling Silver 24K Gold plated
pendants: Sterling Silver 24K Gold plated
length: 50 cm
chain: fine venetian chain
pendant size: 2,0 cm x 1,0 cm
*It takes us 6-8 weeks to manufacture and ship your necklace

Solid Silver
necklace: Sterling Silver
pendants: Sterling Silver
length: 50 cm
chain: fine venetian chain
*It takes us 6-8 weeks to manufacture and ship your necklace

14ct Gold
necklace: 14ct Gold
pendants: 14ct Gold
length: 50 cm
chain: fine venetian chain
pendant size: 2,0 cm x 1,0 cm
*It takes us 6-8 weeks to manufacture and ship your necklace

Designed in Berlin and manufactured in Germany.

The necklace comes in a Too Dreamy velvet-lined case including the postcard
"I´ll always write you love letters"

Infos auf deutsch:

-Bitte schickt uns eure Gravurwünsche nachdem eure Bestellung abgeschlossen ist per Mail an
-Gravurwunsch siehe Beispielbild
-Bitte in der Mail eure Bestellnummer angeben
-Bitte die Positionen eurer Anhänger angeben
-1 für den Anhänger vorne
-2 für den Anhänger am Verschluss hinten
-Wir brauchen momentan 6-8 Wochen um eure Ketten anzufertigen und schicken Sie euch dann zu. 

-Schreibt uns gerne, falls ihr Fragen zu eurer Gravur habt oder Hilfe braucht.
Ich schreibe auch sehr gerne die Namen für euch <3

Dankeschön und ich freue mich auf eure Wünsche <3


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-Payment in advance:
A customer invoice and instructions for bank transfer will be issued to your email address following receipt of your order. Please ensure you transfer the full amount stated on the invoice, including any relevant shipping costs, within seven calendar days of placing your order. Your items will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.

We always send our jewelry via recorded post.
You will receive a tracking number for your package, which will be sent via DHL. Where multiple Too Dreamy products are purchased, these will be shipped as a single delivery. 


Delivery charges within Germany:
Standard € 5,90

Express € 11,90
Free shipping over € 100,00
Delivery within 1-3 business days following receipt of payment.

Shipping fees within Europe:
Standard € 14,90
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Tolls, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to some deliveries abroad.



Every unique item of Too Dreamy jewelry is handcrafted with love, passion and care at our Berlin studio. Using only the very finest materials sourced via traditional, family-owned businesses in Germany, we strive for the highest standards of quality at all stages of our creative process. Our products use 24 karat gold plated sterling silver and 24 karat gold plated brass. 
To avoid any risk of damage or discoloration to your item, and to ensure your jewelry remains in tip-top condition as long as possible, please observe the following Too Dreamy care and cleaning advice:

-Remove your jewelry before showering or bathing 
-Avoid direct contact with cleaning products or other harsh chemicals 
-Avoid exposure to cosmetics including hairspray, make-up, sun cream, oils, lotions, perfumes etc 
-Avoid contact with citrus and other fruit acids (the acid can react with the metal, causing damage to the item) 
-Avoid exposing your jewelry to humidity, which may cause discoloration
-Remove your jewelry before engaging in sports or strenuous exercise, as perspiration may damage the gold coating 
-Avoid wearing your jewelry in swimming pools and spas, as chlorinated water can damage the alloy 
-Do not allow your jewelry to come into contact with salt water, which may tarnish the appearance 
-Remove your Too Dreamy Jewelry before going to bed

-We recommend that you gently clean your jewelry on a regular basis, using a mild, unperfumed detergent or soap, some warm water and a very soft brush 
-Don’t use paper tissues or towels for cleaning, as these may scratch the surface of the item
-Use a soft cloth to dry your jewelry after cleaning 
-Use an untreated jewelry cloth to buff the item and restore shine

-The safest place to store your Too Dreamy jewelry is in the original velvet-lined box supplied with your item 
-Jewelry, particularly silver, may tarnish if unworn for extended periods of time. We recommend you store your Too Dreamy jewelry in a dry place away from direct sunlight 

-Please contact us via should your jewelry be damaged and require repair
-Please be sure to attach a photo of the damage in question, to help us assist you