Too Dreamy Jewelry is addressed from me to you

Too Dreamy Jewelry was founded by me: Jennifer Burtchen, an artist and designer from Berlin, working in the jewelry scene since 2010.

In 2017 I founded Too Dreamy Jewelry as an independent business and as a home for carefully manufactured jewelry with focus on thoughtful and joyful designs. I have always been fascinated about the complex and beautiful purpose of jewelry. Jewelry is about showing affection, accessorizing, setting statements, making promises, remembering beautiful moments, strength, companionship and beloved treasures.

The inspiration for all Too Dreamy pieces is drawn from organic shapes, circular motions, celestial constellations, the unbelievable beauty of gemstones, the people I like and special moments. Nearly all designs are starting with a drawing by me and I´m also offering personalized and unique designs.

Recently I´m also focussing on Too Dreamy Fine Jewelry pieces with an approach to make durable life-long treasures made out of Solid Gold and Solid Silver.

At all stages of my creative process I strive for the highest standards of quality and I am using only the very finest materials sourced via traditional, family-owned businesses in Germany. Since 6 years I´m working with the same established craftspeople and manufacturers in Germany, that appreciate the craft and the materials they use. The Gold Plating & Soldering Studio is in the South of Germany, the Goldsmith is in Pforzheim, all the Gemstones are sourced and cut by a gemstone cutter in Idar-Oberstein and the Brass pendants are made in Berlin Neukölln. I try to work as sustainable as possible with minimizing the delivery distances, producing in smaller quantities, working with waiting lists and sample sales.

The final stage of the creative process is in my Berlin Studio. Here I´m assembling all the pieces, checking the quality and polishing them before they are placed in the Too Dreamy velvet-lined box and shipped to you. Every unique item of Too Dreamy Jewelry is shipped with love, passion and care from the Too Dreamy Studio in Berlin Kreuzberg.

I hope that Too Dreamy Jewelry will be accompanying you  ❤️

xx Jenni
Too Dreamy